Author Topic: 2012 sponsors of the Southwest Area Killifish Event (SAKE)  (Read 3496 times)


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2012 sponsors of the Southwest Area Killifish Event (SAKE)
« on: August 05, 2012, 01:42:18 PM »
We encourage you to patronize the companies listed below and to purchase their products. Please mention the Arizona Rivulin Keepers when you contact them.

Sponsoring Local Stores:
Aquatouch, 12040 N. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85028-1219, Phone: 602-765-9058,

Sponsoring Mail Order Companies:
Aquarium Hobbyist Supply
Back-to-Nature Filtration
Dr. Tim's Aquatics
Drs. Foster & Smith
Ken's Fish
Orange County Reef Aquatics Inc.  - use coupon code KILLIFISH, and it's good for $5.00 off an order
Pet Solutions
Select Aquatics of Erie, CO

Sponsoring Aquarium Product Companies:
Aquatic Life
Ecological Laboratories, Inc.
Florida Aquatic Nurseries
Fritz Industries   
Ginger, Inc.
Kordon Corporation, LLC
Lifegard Aquatics
Omega Sea Ltd.
Penn-Plax Pet Products
San Francisco Bay Brands/Ocean Nutrition and
United Pet Group  (Tetra, Marineland, Jungle, Aquarium Systems, Jungle, Instant Ocean, and Perfecto brands)
Zoo Med Laboratories