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Anabantoids, Catfishes, Loaches, and Shrimp
« on: August 20, 2012, 08:19:48 PM »

Fishes of Mainland Southeast Asia

Anabantoids and Bettas:

Anabantoid Association of Great Britain

International Betta Congress

Jungle Mike's secret gardens - blog from Michael Lo about plants and fishes in Borneo

Catfishes and Plecos:

All Catfish Species Inventory

Catfish Species from Fishlore

Catfish Species Profiles from Aquatic Community

Planet Catfish

The Loricariidae by Dr. Jonathan Armbruster

"Competition and phylogeny determine community structure in Müllerian co-mimics" published in Nature (January 2011) by Markos A. Alexandrou, Claudio Oliveira, Marjorie Maillard, Rona A. R. McGill, Jason Newton, Simon Creer & Martin I. Taylor.  This is about Corydoras.


An Inventory of the Loaches of the World by Maurice Kottelat, The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology, 2012 Supplement No. 26: 1–199, Date of Publication: 28 Dec. 2012 © National University of Singapore and the author

Cypriniformes - a website about carps, minnows, loaches, and relative species

Loaches at Animal-World

Loaches Online - Community Edition


Elite Inverts

How to breed red cherry shrimp


The Shrimp Farm
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