Author Topic: 2014 Southwest Area Killifish Event (SAKE) in Phoenix, Arizona  (Read 3403 times)


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The 16th annual Southwest Area Killifish Event (or SAKE) took place on Saturday, March 8, 2014.  These photos reflect registration, the silent auction, the raffle, the programs, and the auction. (Numbers in parentheses show the photo number)

1. Tara Launders handling the welcome table.  Joe Meinholz is buying raffle tickets.
2. Tara with participant name badges
3. Ben Melesio helped Tara at the welcome table.
4. Kristen Stewart logged in all of the auction entries. Dan Pape (looking at Kristen) managed the silent auction room.
5. Sue Amburn lays out the first items going into the silent auction.
6. Sue is again setting out silent auction items as people start to filter into the silent auction room.
7. Not all of the silent auction items were fish.  Here is decorative wood, an ornament, and some aquatic plants.
8. More aquatic plants
9. Attendees looking through the silent auction items. Dan Pape is to the left with Gary Kukowski to his right.
10. Another view of the silent auction room with Chris Breitkreutz to the left and Wallace Brown on the right.
11. Wendy Santeyan is examining some of the silent auction items.
12. Robert Cahoon and son checking out some fish.
13. Dave Ryan and Jim Rae (green shirt) are looking at all of the items in the raffle.
14. (20) Allan Semeit holds the container of raffle tickets and Joe Meinholz is going to pull another set of prizes from the table.
15. (21) Derek Tang (left) pulls a winning ticket while Allan announces the winner.
16. (22) As Joe Meinholz returns from delivering a raffle prize, Derek Tang (arm only) draws another winner.  Scott Jacobs has the prizes which he will take to the winner.
17. (23) Another raffle drawing...
18. (24) Joe Meinholz holds another set of raffle prizes up high.
19. (25) Kristen Stewart walks away with her prizes.
20. (30) This is one table holding the items for the evening auction.

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Re: 2014 Southwest Area Killifish Event (SAKE) in Phoenix, Arizona
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More photos...
(Numbers in parentheses show the photo number)

21. (31) Michael Baker (black shirt) looks through the evening auction items.
22. (39) Scott MacDonald (light shirt sitting toward the left) talks about vivariums and dart frogs.
23. (40) Casey gave a presentation on aquatic plants.
24. (41) Ron Harlan and Sandy Binder tag-teamed a program introducing people to killifish.
25. (42) A better view of Ron and Sandy
26. (43) Ron Harlan again
27. (49) Art Leuterman provided the evening talk with an overview of the old "Roloffia" group of killifishes from West Africa.
28. (54) A view of the audience during one of the programs
29. (55) Arizona Rivulin Keeper Life Member Gary Kukowski is listening intently to one of the programs.
30. John Pitcairn and Ron Harlan look at the paintings by Ken McKeighen as Allan Semeit explains how the evening auction will work.
31. (60) Allan Semeit distributes bidder number plates to the attendees.
32. (61) John Kukowski (sitting) mans the computer to track all of the silent auction and auction purchases. Bob Goemans is wearing blue.

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