Author Topic: Australian, Cichlid, Livebearer, Madagascar, & North American Native Fishes  (Read 4200 times)


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Australian Fishes

Australian Desert Fishes

Home of the Rainbow Fish (Adrian Tappin)

Native Fish Australia

Spawning Desert Gobies by Rick Novy


Alan Bliven

American Cichlid Association The dwarf cichlid connection

Cichlid Forum (offers over 1,500 species profiles with photos)

George Garcia

Hudson's World (blog)

Martin Rosjorde and Tom Christoffersen

Soft Water Dwarf Cichlids (Dave Soares)

Southern Apistos

The Apisto-Gram


American Livebearer Association

British Livebearer Association

Chicago Livebearer Society

Goodeid Working Group


Houston Livebearers Association

How to Breed Livebearers

Livebearer in English and Spanish

Livebearer Forum at Aquatic Community

Scottish Livebearers Group

Madagascar and Other Exotic Places:

Borneo Echo Streams

Siamensis - the portal for the animal and plant world of Southeast Asia in German and English

North American Native Fishes:

California Fish Website by University of California at Davis

EFISH: The Virtual Aquarium of Virginia Tech

Fishes of Arkansas by Henderson State University

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee

North American Native Fishes Association (NANFA)


Sachs Systems Aquaculture (source of native fishes)

Texas Freshwater Fishes by Texas State University at San Marcos

University of Texas Natural Science Center

Zimmerman's Fish (source of native fishes)

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