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General Information:

Aquapage Europe

Aquarium Fish Experts

Aquarium Information

AquariumPhoto Johnny Jensen's Photographic Library

ARKive creating the ultimate multimedia guide to the world's endangered animals, plants and fungi

Do It Yourself forum for aquarium hobbyists

Everything Aquatic    Blog site with linked forum

Hippocampus Bildarchiv (Photo Archive)

Map of Life allows you to find where a species occurs

Naturaqua - Dictionnaire illustré de l'aquariophilie in French

Peter Maguire's Photostream contains a wide variety of fish photos

Seriously Fish

Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History

The Aquarium Wiki

Weichwasserfische (Softwater Fishes) by Michael Schlueter in German (English version available)

Zip Code Zoo

Online Aquarium Magazines:

Aquarium International

Practical Fishkeeping


Tropical Fish Hobbyist

Aquatic Plants:

Aqua Botanic

Dennerle Aquatic Plant database

Extraplant Aquarium Plants

Freshwater Aquarium Plants

NilocG Aquatics

Rhonda (Wilson) Delles' Natural Aquariums

US Department of Agriculture (helps you identify all kinds of plants including aquatic)

Fish Importers, Dealers, and Hatcheries:

Aquatic Clarity
Atlantis Tropical Fish Hatchery

Corys "R" Us (importer and seller of freshwater fishes)

Goliad Farms

Rehoboth Aquatics

Select Aquatics of Erie, CO
(Greg Sage)

Ted Judy's Fishroom

The Wet Spot

The Arizona Rivulin Keepers do not endorse or recommend any of the above businesses.  Their names and websites are merely provided as a resource for learning more about the hobby.

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