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Personal Killifish Websites and Online Killifish Books
« on: August 09, 2012, 09:41:05 PM »
Online Publications about Keeping and Breeding Killies:

British Killifish Association website

Killifish Manual by Minnesota Killie Keepers Association

Killifishes, Part 1 by Dr. Robert Goldstein

Killifishes, Part 2, The Nothobranchius Family, by Dr. Robert Goldstein

Colour Atlas of Cyprinodonts of the Rain Forests of Tropical Africa by A. C. Radda and E. Puerzl   (see PDF attached at bottom of this page)

Tyrone Genade's book on killifish

Personal Websites:

Alf and Anita Person (Swedish killifish breeders but in English)    See their photo gallery at

Amazon Tropics - a blog by Jeremy Basch including fish for sale

Aphyosemions: A Fascinating Group of African Killifishes in German

Brian Coad includes freshwater fishes of Iraq and Iran

Chromaphyosemions by Olivier Legros in French

Cynolebias - Killifish from South America by Jeronimo Chiecchio

Desert Springs Action Committee

Diane Brown (check her live food section)

Finn Milvertz in Danish

Gustavo Grandjean's Blog

It Rain Fishes by Frans Vermeulen specializing in Central and South American killifishes) by Loh Kwek Leong

Killifish Information Center by Richard Sexton

KillieNutz Online by Tom Grady

Killivissen by Maesen Wilfried in Dutch

Leo Wurzer's Blog

Markus Piribauer in German

Nick Ternes' Blog (not just killies)

Nothobranchius by Alexander Dorn in German

Nothobranchius Information Centre by Marc Bellemans in English

Peter Maguire's Photostream (lots of fish photos)

Richard Sexton's "Rivulins of the Whole World"

Shene's Killies by Bill Shenefelt

Tim Addis' West African Killifish

Cameronense Group by Joris Aerts

The Fish Wizards by Tony Terceira and David Rossi

Tyrone Genade

WildNothos by Bela Nagy

Killifish Databases:

Killi Data is list of all Killifish taxa (historically used names vs. present names)

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