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December Special Raffle Rules
« on: August 05, 2012, 12:34:38 PM »
The highlight of the December meeting of the Arizona Rivulin Keepers is a special raffle.  The club solicits donations and purchases a large quantity of aquarium products and gives away lots of prizes at this annual event.  These are raffled off to attendees.  How do you qualify for the Arizona Rivulin Keeper’s December raffle?  Below are the rules -

The FIRST RULE is that you must attend the December meeting. No proxies!

The SECOND RULE is that you cannot buy drawing tickets. You must earn them.

The THIRD RULE is that you can earn drawing tickets through your paid ARK membership:

             a. 5 drawing tickets will be awarded to all paid members for the current year
                 as of the July meeting.
             b. 2 drawing tickets will be awarded if you join for the current year after the July meeting and before the November meeting.
             c. 5 drawing tickets will be awarded if you start or renew your ARK membership for the coming year BEFORE or AT the November meeting.
             d. 3 drawing tickets will be awarded if you start or renew your ARK membership for the coming year AFTER the November meeting but at least one week BEFORE the December meeting.
             e. 1 drawing ticket will be awarded if you attend the December meeting as a guest. Guests are defined as prospective new members who have not previously attended an ARK meeting or out-of-town visitors. Guests are not immediate family members of existing members as our membership includes the entire family as a single unit.

The FOURTH RULE is that you are awarded for attending ARK meetings.

           a.) 1 drawing ticket will be awarded for each monthly ARK meeting that you attend.
           b.) 5 drawing tickets will be awarded to each member attending all 12 monthly meeting during the calendar year.

The FIFTH RULE is that you will be awarded drawing tickets when you donate fish to: 1) ARK promoted events at other clubs (such as the SCKC Fish Fry) or 2) club exchange boxes.  For each event to which you donate, you will receive 2 drawing tickets.

The SIXTH RULE awards 2 drawing tickets to ARK members who attend:
            1) the AKA Convention
            2) West Coast Weekend
            3) the Southern California Fish Fry/BBQ
            4) any AKA-sanctioned event or show

If the out-of-town event coincides with an ARK meeting, the member will be considered to have attended the ARK meeting for purposes of credit towards perfect attendance, but no additional point will be awarded since they were not actually in attendance.

The SEVENTH RULE is that anyone donating two sexable pairs of a killifish species at an ARK monthly meeting will receive 1 additional drawing ticket – with a maximum of 1 point each month.

If you have not renewed, or started your ARK membership, see the membership application on the ARK home page.
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