Author Topic: 2018 sponsors of the 20th annual Southwest Aquarium Keepers Event (SAKE)  (Read 83 times)


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We encourage you to patronize the companies listed below and to purchase their products. Please mention the Arizona Rivulin Keepers when you contact them.

Sponsoring Local Stores:

    Tropical Treasures  3502 W Greenway Rd #7, Phoenix, AZ 85053, Phone: 602-903-2347

Sponsoring Mail Order Companies:

    Amazonas magazine
    Back to Nature Filtration
    Tannin Aquatics

Sponsoring Aquarium Product and Distribution Companies:
    Aquatic Life   
    Blue Life USA
    Central Aquatics - distributor of Aqueon, Coralife, Kent Marine, and TFH brands
    Cobalt Aquatics
    Ecological Laboratories, Inc.
    New Life International
    Tetra USA
    Zoo Med Laboratories
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