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2017 Southwest Aquarium Keepers Event (SAKE) on March 25
« on: June 08, 2016, 07:43:22 AM »
The 19th annual Southwest Aquarium Keeper Event (or SAKE) is scheduled for Saturday, March 25, 2017.  We will have several programs, a giant raffle, and both a silent and a regular auction.  There is no admission fee and everyone is welcome.  We do encourage you to donate fish, aquatic plants, live food cultures, and aquarium items for the auctions to help us defray our expenses.  Although technically a "killifish event," all types of fishes suitable for smaller aquaria can be donated to the auctions.

LOCATION:  SAKE will be held at the same location as last year:

    La Quinta Inns & Suites
    2510 W Greenway Rd  (NE corner of I-17 at Greenway)
    Phoenix, AZ 85023

REGISTER NOW:  There is no registration fee to attend SAKE.  You can register at the door; however, we encourage you to "register" before the event.  There may be some incentives offered at the event for those who register early. To register early, on or after January 15, 2017, please send an e-mail to  The e-mail to register must include:

    1.   Your name
    2.    Any current aquarium club affiliation(s)
    3.    Current hometown (and state)

If you are registering a spouse, children, or a friend, please include the same information for each attendee.  When your registration has been processed, you will see your name listed on the ARK website. To be eligible for possible incentives, early registration requests must be sent before 6 p.m. Arizona time on Tuesday, March 21, 2017.  You can scroll down this page to find a list of registered attendees.

  9:00 a.m.  Set up begins (log in and sort mailed in fish shipments; set up Silent Auction and raffle tables; etc.)
10:30          Doors open for attendees
11:30          Silent Auction begins
11:45          First program:  Sam Murphy - "Going Natural, The Walstad Aquarium"
 1:00 p.m.  1st Raffle Drawing session
 1:30           Second program: Dr. Joe Meinholz - "Tips and Tricks for the Aquarium Hobbyist"
 2:45           Break
 3:00           Silent Auction ends!!!   Items will be distributed starting at 4:45 (if you can’t stay until then, please do NOT bid on
                        items in the Silent Auction)
 3:00           Regular Auction – first session (you can pay for your items starting at either 4:45 or after the evening auction)
 3:30           Third program: Drs. Ron Harlan and Tom Wilkinson - "Bolivia 2016"
 4:45           2nd (final) Raffle Drawing session 
 4:45           Silent Auction distribution begins
 5:15           Dinner break starts
 6:30 p.m.  Fourth program:  Shane Essary - Keeping and Breeding South American Annual Killifishes
 7:45           Break
 8:15           Regular Auction - second session - until completed

EVENT SPONSORS:  We encourage you to buy products from the companies who are donating to SAKE.  For the list of companies from whom we have received raffle items, go to

RAFFLE ITEMS:  If you have items you would like to donate to the raffle, they are certainly welcome.  However, all raffle items should be new and in the original packaging whenever possible.  Partially used or "not new" items should go into the auction.

BRINGING DONATED AUCTION ITEMS:  If you are bringing items for the auctions, it would greatly help if you fill out an auction form BEFORE you arrive.  Bring the form with you and turn it in when you check in at SAKE.  The form is attached as a pdf file below.  If you are unable to print the pdf, you can write your items on a piece of paper and provide the same information.  Almost anything "fish-related" is welcome as a donation.  Please e-mail your list to -

BRINGING ITEMS FOR SALE:  THIS IS NEW - If you are only donating items, this does not apply to you.

While we try to discourage people from bringing items for sale, preferring instead to have you donate them, in the past we have allowed mostly out-of-state attendees to sell some of their items so they can cover some of their expenses in coming to SAKE.  Starting this year, we have decided to simplify things and anyone wanting to sell fish or other items will have all of their items lumped together under their registration number.  Whatever the total sales credited to their number, they will receive a 50% split of the total sold. 

We would still like to approve all sales items ahead of time. If you would like to sell something at SAKE, please contact Allan Semeit at

SHIPPING AUCTION ITEMS FOR SAKE:  If you would like to send fish for the auction, please e-mail Allan Semeit at for the shipping address.
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People who have registered for 2017 SAKE
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2017, 03:06:26 PM »
These are the people who submitted early registration requests before the deadline at 6 p.m. Arizona time on Tuesday, March 21, 2017.  If you are not listed, see the early registration instructions above.  If you miss the deadline, you can still register at the door.

2017 SAKE early registered attendees:

  1. Allan Semeit......AKA, ARK, DWAS, GPPS....Phoenix, AZ
  2. Derek Tang......ARK, DWAS, VSKC....Chandler, AZ
  3. Dave Ryan......AKA, ARK....Phoenix, AZ
  4. Deena Dunham......ARK....Phoenix, AZ
  5. Tara Launders......ARK....Peoria, AZ

  6. Dan Pape......AKA, ARK, DAS....Tucson, AZ
  7. David Padgett......ARK, DAS....Tucson, AZ
  8. Bob Goemans......ARK, DAS....Tucson, AZ
  9. Gabe Skidmore......AKA, ARK, DAS....Tucson, AZ
 10. Tom Wilkinson......ARK....Goodyear, AZ

 11. Lee Ruffell......ARK....Phoenix, AZ
 12. Tina Launders....Peoria, AZ
 13. Ben Melesio Jr......ARK....San Tan Valley, AZ
 14. Zachary Brokmeier......ARK, AAPE....Mesa, AZ
 15. Lynn Cain......DWAS....Phoenix, AZ

 16. Bill Blair......DWAS....Sun City, AZ
 17. Sherry Blair......DWAS...Sun City, AZ
 18. Chris Breitkreutz......AKA, SCKC, COAST....North Edwards, CA
 19. Kathleen Breitkreutz......SCKC, COAST....North Edwards, CA
 20. Kristen Stewart......ARK....Mesa, AZ

 21. James Darlack......AKA, ARK, DAS....Tucson, AZ
 22. James McIntosh......AKA, ARK, AAPE, DWAS....Glendale, AZ
 23. Jeff Hostetler....AAPE, IBC, The Angelfish Society, Catfish Study Group....Surprise, AZ
 24. Philip Sarelis......DAS, AAPE....Tucson, AZ
 25. Ron Harlan......AKA, SCKC, SDKG, SDAS, COAST....Fallbrook, CA

 26. Duane Heller....Phoenix, AZ
 27. Sara Heller....Phoenix, AZ
 28. Howard Wu......AKA, SCKC, BAKA....Bishop, CA
 29. Stephen Friedman......Monster fish keepers, Reddit....Phoenix, AZ
 30. Bob McRae......DWAS, FRAG, AAPE....Phoenix, AZ
 31. Shelly McRae....Phoenix, AZ
 32. P. Jackson....Surprise, AZ
 33. Jim Russell......AKA, SCKC....Yorba Linda, CA
 34. David Huie......SDTFS, COAST, ACA, SCKA, SCAPE....El Cajon, CA
 35. Tyler Gaston....Tempe, AZ

 36. Tim McCullough.......AKA, ARK....Flagstaff, AZ
 37. Barbara Skidmore....Tucson, AZ
 38. John DiSanto....Scottsdale, AZ
 39. Ryan Drzewiecki....Scottsdale, AZ
 40. Joseph Meinholz......AKA, ARK, ALA, ACA, DWAS....Prescott, AZ

 41. Mary Meinholz....Prescott, AZ
 42. Peter Meinholz....Prescott, AZ
 43. Matthew Meinholz....Prescott, AZ
 44. Elizabeth Meinholz....Prescott, AZ
 45. John G. Pitcairn......AKA, ACA, ALA, SDKG, SCKC, SDTFS....San Diego, CA

 46. Mike Cone....Phoenix, AZ
 47. David Cone....Phoenix, AZ
 48. Shane Essary......AKA, SCKC....Los Angeles, CA
 49. Sandy Binder......AKA, DKG, SCKC....Seal Beach, CA
 50. Ken Onulak......AAPE, FRAG....Cave Creek, AZ

 51. Dallin Heslop....Gilbert, AZ
 52. Matt Pfeilstucker....Phoenix, AZ
 53. Sam Murphy......ARK, DAS....Tucson, AZ
 54. Beth Murphy......DAS....Tucson, AZ
 55. Bill Maynard......AAPE....Phoenix, AZ

 56. Jason Lumactod......DWAS....Maricopa, AZ
 57. Jermey Jarrett....Chandler, AZ
 58. Coleman Anderson....Phoenix, AZ
 59. Chance Adkins....Phoenix, AZ
 60. Albert Joiner....Glendale, AZ

 61. George Garcia......ALA....Phoenix, AZ
 62. Nelson Benjamin......ACIA....Surprise,  AZ
 63. Randy Dobson......DWAS....Surprise, AZ
 64. Donna Rager......ARK....Chandler, AZ
 65. Frank Hale....Prescott Valley, AZ

 66. Melissa Etheridge......ARK....Phoenix, AZ
 67. David Etheridge......ARK....Phoenix, AZ
 68. Mark Jarecki....Prescott, AZ
 69. Jim Rae......SCKC....Corona, CA
 70. Chris Armstrong......DWAS....Phoenix, AZ

 71. Barb Armstrong......DWAS....Phoenix, AZ
 72. Wallace Brown......ARK....Phoenix, AZ
 73. Sandra Mokole......ARK....Phoenix, AZ
 74. Becky Pape......DAS....Tucson, AZ
 75. Harold Ansell......DWAS....Mesa, AZ

 76. Robert Cahoon......ARK....Phoenix, AZ
 77. Lisa Cahoon......ARK....Phoenix, AZ
 78. Sean Cahoon......ARK....Phoenix, AZ
 79. Sarah Walker....Phoenix, AZ
 80. Jed Uker....Phoenix, AZ
 81. Raymond Ralon, AAPE, ARK, Mesa, AZ
 82. John Kukowski......ARK, DWAS....Glendale, AZ
 83. Haydee Kukowski......ARK....Glendale, AZ
 84. Tom Frink....Goodyear, AZ
 85. Julie Frink....Goodyear, AZ

 86. Richard Self......DWAS....Phoenix, AZ
 87. Cathie Rasmussen....Scottsdale, AZ
 88. Kerry Schultz......DWAS....Avondale, AZ
 89. John Willmon....Tucson, AZ
 90. Bill Willmon....Tucson, AZ

 91. Jayson Stephens......AAPE, SIA....Phoenix, AZ
 92. Taydem Stephens......SIA....Phoenix, AZ
 93. Art Brinkmann......DWAS....Glendale, AZ
 94. Bonnie Brinkmann......DWAS....Glendale, AZ
 95. Leonardo Gutierrez....Phoenix, AZ

 96. Brianna Nunez....Phoenix, AZ
 97. Tyler Lutsic......AAPE....Tucson, AZ
 98. James Hall......CKC....Conifer, CO
 99. Adam Israel......AAPE, DWAS, East Coast Cichlid, Atlanta Area Aquarium, Greater Cincinatti Aquarium Society....Mesa, AZ
100. Kenny Wong......DWAS....Tucson, AZ

101. Russ Feilzer......AKA, SCKC....Grover Beach, CA
102. Earnest Pearson......DWAS....Phoenix, AZ
103. Hillary Wilson......SIA....Phoenix, AZ
104. Scott Spirek....Phoenix, AZ
105. Richard Pfaff....New Mexico

106. Keelan Hart
107. Jesse Miano
108. Jim Grizzel
109. Res Baetiong
110. Megan Lily

111. Joe Urbaniak
112. Chrissy Kim
113. Ramon Boroquez
114. Dan McMonigle....Ohio
115. Vi McMonigle

116. David Villapudua
117. Ron Rudnick
118. Joel Minisquero
119. Jamie McQuarrie
120. Jorge Aguinasa

121. Charles Funotti
122. Peter Fischer
123. Elizabeth Henderson
124. Dylan Henderson
125. Ted Wong

126. Tadeo Ruelas

A strikethrough means the registrant notified us that they cannot attend after all.

Key to Club abbreviations:
AAPE = Arizona Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts
AC = African Cichlids
ACIA = African Cichlids in Arizona
AKA = American Killifish Association
ALA = American Livebearer Association
AGA = Aquatic Gardeners Association
ARK = Arizona Rivulin Keepers
AZBH = Arizona Betta HEADS
CA = Cichlids Anonymous
CKC = Colorado Killie Club
COAST = California Organization of Aquatic Show Tropicals
DAS = Desert Aquarist Society (Arizona)
DFWKA = Dallas/Fort Worth Killifish Association (Texas)
DWAS = Dry Wash Aquarium Society (Arizona)
FRAG = Arizona Fish & Reef Aquarium Group
GPPS = Greater Phoenix Pond Society
IBC = International Betta Congress
HCCC = Hill Country Cichlid Club (Texas)
MAS = Minnesota Aquarium Society
NAAC = Northern Arizona Aquatics Club
NANFA = North American Native Fishes Association
PCCA = Pacific Coast Cichlid Association
SAS = Sacramento Aquarium Society
SCAPE = Southern California Aquatic Plant Enthusiasts
SCKC = Southern California Killi Club
SDKG = San Diego Killifish Group
SDTFS = San Diego Tropical Fish Society
SFAS = San Francisco Aquarium Society
SIA = Southwest Inverts and Aquatics
SWC = Southwest Cichlids
TAKO = Texas Area Killifish Organization
VSKC = Valley of the Sun Koi Club (Arizona)
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Speaker Biographies
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2017, 11:02:14 PM »
Dr. Ron Harlan can trace his interest in tropical fish to his childhood in Rangoon, Burma.  He helped a family friend, U Cho, drag a seine through streams collecting tropical fish.  Ron joined the American Killifish Association in 1965 and was a member of the BAKA during his high school years when he lived in a bedroom with with 35 species of killies and dwarf cichlids. 

More recently he had been the resident Rivulus expert in the Southern California Killi Club and keeps a slightly more modest number of species.  Professionally, Ron was a biology faculty member, department chairman, and Dean of Instruction at Glendale College (California) for 33 years. Now retired, he is the owner of Back to Nature Filtration founded in 1985 and still provides affordable reverse osmosis systems to the tropical fish and orchid hobbyist.

Ron has taken 6 trips into the Peruvian Amazon as well as collecting in Mexico, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Bolivia. For SAKE 2017 Ron and Dr. Tom Wilkinson will do a presentation on their fish-collecting trip to Bolivia last August. Their previous collecting trip to Bolivia was 15 years earlier and the plan was to take care of some “unfinished business.”  Instead, due to a record draught and a massive road building campaign, they had a totally different collecting experience. The trip was successful, but not in the ways they had planned. Fish (both killies and Apistogramma sp.) from the trip will be available in the auction.

Dr. Tom Wilkinson has been keeping and breeding dwarf cichlids, primarily Apistogramma, for 40 years. His interest started when his father tried to raise and breed Rams in the 1960’s but was unsuccessful. Tom wanted to try to complete the task.  After years of “collecting” the rare apisto in local fish stores, which were usually mixed Apistogramma collections, the opportunity to go to South America to collect in the wild came up. He caught the bug and now has made multiple trips to Peru, Venezuela, Bolivia, and a non-apisto trip to Costa Rica. Currently Tom keeps mainly the fish he has collected. Restoring metal frame aquariums has also been a hobby for him.

Sam Murphy is a long time aquarist who recently returned to the Tucson area. He is currently the Vice President of the Desert Aquarist Society and recently became a  member of Arizona Rivulin Keepers.

Sam became interested in aquariums as a kid.  Sam first became a member of the Desert Aquarist Society 30 years ago when he discovered the club through their annual mall show in Tucson.  At one point in the hobby Sam had ten 10 gallon tanks, a 55 gallon tank, a 45 gallon tank, a 140 gallon tank, and a kiddie pool for raising fry!  He is now in recovery 😄. Sam currently keeps a 45 gallon aquarium, three 9 gallon Eheim aquariums, one 4 gallon Eheim aquarium, and two 2 gallon fry tanks all using the Walstad method. Perhaps he is not in recovery😳.  Sam also enjoys knitting and playing classical guitar.

Shane Essary has been keeping killifish since the mid-1990s. He fell in love with South American Annuals after picking up the book, "Pearl Killifishes" by Dr. Costa, and seeing pictures of what's now called Notholebias minimus and Leptopanchax aureoguttatus.  Shane will discuss basic South American Annual care, breeding, and rearing for the average aquarist.

Dr. Joseph Meinholz will give a presentation about tips and tricks for the aquarium hobbyist.  He will discuss breeding different egglayers and offer several different methods that work well for anyone with limited space.  His talk will also cover reproducing blackwater conditions in aquariums and Joe will provide several different easy cheats and strategies for breeding  rainbowfishes, killifishes, tetras, barbs, and danios. 

Joe has been keeping freshwater tropical fish for 20 years and has had his current modest fish room for about 12 years.  Joe currently has around 80 aquariums ranging in size from typical 5 gallon killifish tanks to a few 200 plus gallon aquariums.  He works full time in Prescott, AZ at the local hospital, and has three children under the age of 13. This has shown him how to maintain a fishroom with limited time and space.
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List of fishes expected to be in the auction
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2017, 04:53:38 PM »
Aphyosemion australe BSWG 97-24 Cap Esterias
Aphyosemion australe “Harlan’s burnt orange”
Aphyosemion batesi
Aphyosemion bochtleri GWW 86-11
Aphyosemion (Diapteron) fulgens
Aphyosemion bivittatum Funge
Aphyosemion campomaanense campomaanense ABK 07-181
Aphyosemion cinnamoneum Kurume APL 13-35
Aphyosemion cyanostictum Makokou
Aphyosemion elberti Bafole
Aphyosemion gabunense CBG 93-3
Aphyosemion poliaki Monea
Aphyosemion riggenbachi Ndokama
Aphyosemion species COFE 2010-23
Aphyosemion splendopleure Ekondo Titi
Aphyosemion wachtersi FCO 11-4
Aplocheilus lineatus (Kerala Backwaters – F1)
Archiaphyosemion petersi Banco Park
Cyprinodon alvarezi
Epiplatys ansorgii Massana
Epiplatys dageti
Epiplatys lamottei
Epiplatys roloffi
Fundulopanchax cinnamomeus Supe
Fundulopanchax filamentosus Majidun NG MM14
Fundulopanchax sjoestedti Dwarf Red
Fundulopanchax spoorenbergi
Fundulus chrysotus
Fundulus cingulatus 3 Mile Creek, Elberta, AL
Fundulus rubrifrons Fargo, GA
Leptolucania ommata Fargo, GA
Lucania goodei
Notholebias minimus
Nothobranchius kilomberoensis Ifakara TAN 95-4
Nothobranchius korthause Red
Pachypanchax species Sofia “F1 - PAUL LOISELLE”
Rivulus (Cynodonichthys) affinis weberi
Rivulus agilae Matoury le Mirande FGGC 2015/15
Rivulus beniensis  “WILD BOLIVIA 2016”
Rivulus crytocallus
Rivulus derhami Tingo Marie PCCC 11/1
Rivulus mahdiensis
Rivulus montium PBS 02-32
Rivulus punctatus Pocone HvdB 2014-14
Rivulus (Laimosemion) xiphidius Crique Boulanger
Rivulus (Laimosemion) xiphidius Crique Blanche SFG-o4
Scriptaphyosemion geryi Dandayah
Scriptaphyosemion geryi Sud Gaoual GCLR 06/12
Scriptaphyosemion guignardi Mamou
Scriptaphyosemion guignardi Sougoueta
Scriptaphyosemion liberiense Calabarica

Gambusia affinis holbrooki melanistic Wacissa Spring
Girardinus metallicus yellow belly (Metallic Livebearer)
Heterandria formosa Wacissa Spring
Poecilia gilli La Margarita, Panama (Liberty Mollie)
Purple Moscow Guppy
Xiphophorus continens (El Quince swordtail)

Apistogramma abacaxis
Apistogramma affinis inconspicua “WILD BOLIVIA 2016”
Apistogramma affinis mendezi
Apistogramma baenschi
Apistogramma erythrura
Apistogramma linkei
Apistogramma species Sunset
Apistogramma urteagi
Analochromis thomasi
Chalinochromis brichardi (F2)
Thorichthys maculipinnis

Ancistrus cf. cirrhosis
Bushynose Pleco
Corydoras aeneus
Noturus gyrinus (Tadpole Madtom) Alexander Spring Creek

Elassoma evergladei Green Swamp Wildlife Management
Elassoma evergladei Fargo, GA
Elassoma gilberti Wacissa Spring
Elassoma okefenokee Alexander Spring Creek

Melanotaenia parva (Lake Kurumoi Rainbowfish)
Pseudomugil gertrudae Aru IV

Black Crystal Shrimp
Cardina balbuti shrimp
Halocardina rubra (Hawaiian volcano shrimp)

Nematobrycon lacortei (Rainbow tetra)
Nematobrycon palmeri (Emperor tetra)

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