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Title: Raising black worms in java moss
Post by: jmdarlack on July 12, 2016, 09:48:00 AM
Hi Killi Friends. 

A month ago, purchased 1/2 pound of fresh black worms, without any dead ones, at least none that I could see, from Desert Pets in Tucson.  Added them directly to a large plastic tanks of java moss, adding liquid fertilizer once per week.  The black worms have successfully lived and are deeply enmeshed in the java moss.  As I acquire more killies, I add gravel, java moss on the bottom, and floating plants.  This setup is excellent since the black worms are plentiful in the java moss, and supply an excellent food source for the killies.

So far, the first tank was seeded with java moss and black worms and red dwarf gularis added.  After numerous spawnings from the young pair of red dwarfs, transferred the parents to another tank, and added java moss and floating plants.  The original tank, now has red dwarfs in the top layer of the tank with the floating plants.

The java moss and black worms seem to work perfectly together.  Also, unsure of what to feed the black worms, hence, I added some spirilina, yeast, and pea powder, which also seems to work for daphnia.